Our Professional Services

Temporary Staffing Solutions

We can provide screened, evaluated, and interviewed candidates to accommodate your short term employment needs during leaves of absences, capacity inconsistencies, vacations, and unforeseen strains on your resources.

Temporary to Direct Hire

Temporary to Direct Hire employees are available with the option to direct hire after 560 continuous working hours with no buyout. It is your decision to exercise or extend the Direct Hire option. There also is a tiered (early buyout) option vs. hours during the 560 hours.

Direct Hire

Direct Hire option is a one-time fee based on the employee's annual salary.  It would be up to the employee and client to agree on a starting salary, benefits, vacation days, etc.  PGI is not responsible for relocation and interview costs, if applicable.

HR / Payroll Plan

Free up your internal resources and limit your employer-related liabilities by outsourcing your HR administrative duties.  We will take on your payroll, benefits, and day-to-day human resource tasks.


Instead of losing good employees during times of layoffs or soft economies, we can temporarily place your employees into our system and put them to work.

HR Partner Plan

As your hiring and benefit team, we assist as an extension of your Human Resource Services, capable of taking over the roles of advertising, recruiting, applications, screening, security checks, interviewing, testing, training, invoicing, payroll, workers compensation, FICA, FUI, and SUI.